Risk Management/Loss Control Services

Gallagher Risk Management Services specializes in providing risk management and loss control services to the Senior Care Industry. Our experienced Risk Management Consultant team consists of individuals with professional experience in Nursing Home and Assisted Living Administration, Nursing, Health Information Management, Certified Risk Management, Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Training, Health and Safety, Legal Nurse Consulting, and Healthcare Attorneys. Our on-site, face-to-face consultant approach demonstrates our commitment to making sure we understand the daily challenges of the industry and being responsive to our customers' time-stressed demands. We balance these on-site visits with on-line services to be able to offer you a full complement of risk management services. Providing resource documents and experienced staff to improve quality of care and reduce risk exposure is our commitment to you.

Risk Management/Loss Control Services
Long Term Care/Assisted Living/Specialty Care Assisted Living

Onsite Risk Assessments

Gallagher Risk Management Consultants conduct onsite Risk Assessments to review Risk Management/Quality Assurance practices within your facility. Each assessment will focus on systems and processes to evaluate risk exposures such as incident reporting and investigation process, abuse training, quality assurance process, employee screening and training, physician credentialing, identification of resident risk factors on admission, resident/family communication and many other processes. Each consultant will provide a Quality Assurance Report to the customer with recommendations and resources to enhance the facility's provision of care and existing risk management practices.

Mock Survey Reviews

Gallagher Risk Management Consultants complete Quality Assurance Mock Surveys to review for F-Tag regulatory compliance. With the current status of the regulatory environment, customers can always utilize assistance in survey preparedness. Through the mock survey review process, a team of Risk Management Consultants will assist the customer in understanding the survey process and assist the facility in identifying potential survey deficiencies based on a facility tour, resident interviews, clinical record reviews, staff interviews and review of other processes. The Risk Management/Quality Assurance Consultants will provide a written report to the facility identifying potential regulatory deficiencies, opportunities to improve quality of care, and resources to address each deficiency.

Total Quality Improvement Report (TQI)

Through the use of our proprietary web-based TQI reporting system our customers have access to concurrent risk management/quality assessment data relating specifically to incidents, weight loss, wound issues, turnover, and numerous other indicators. The Risk Management Consultant will train the customer on how to utilize this data through the Quality Assurance Process in order to enhance current processes and improve quality of care.

Survey Deficiency Comparison Report

Our customers have access to a database of annual F-Tag Surveys and F-Tag Complaint Surveys that can be utilized to trend survey deficiencies by customer and determine the facility's risk management and quality improvement educational needs.


Gallagher Risk Management Consultants complete on-site in-services at our customer's facilities that may allow facility staff to receive continuing education credit through the use of a Provider License provided by specific state nursing boards. Online webinars are also available through the LTC Provider University website, as well as "hot topic" power point presentations, located in the Risk Management Resource Center.

Telephonic Consultation

Gallagher Risk Management Consultants are also available to provide risk management consultations by telephone. Our experienced team of Risk Management Consultants are always ready to address our customer's quality improvement opportunities and risk management needs and concerns at the time our customers need them the most.

To request additional information about Gallagher Risk Management Services please contact:

Michelle J. Skaggs, RHIA, CRM, RMC
Director, Risk Management/Loss Control
Gallagher Risk Management Services
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