Altc Board Of Directors

  • Billy Jones ALTC President/Chairman of the Board The LTC Provider University website is the next step in enhancing the risk management and claims management programs in the Long Term Care Industry. This website was developed to build on and improve the risk management foundation that was started by Associated Long Term Care Insurance Company, Inc. (ALTC) back in June of 2000. ALTC was started back then to address the crisis in the long term care liability insurance market and ALTC's mission has always been to provide a comprehensive risk management, claims management, and liability insurance program for the long term care industry and its owners. Having access to ALTC's Programs and LTC Provider University has allowed me to take control of my risks and concentrate on caring for my residents and having confidence that we have the right risk management practices and insurance coverage in place to defend that care. LTC Provider University has taken the programs of ALTC to a higher level. Come join our group and rest easy knowing that the dedicated staff at ALTC and its associates are working daily to enhance your risk management programs.
  • Clarence Ball ALTC Treasurer

    Associated Long Term Care Insurance Company, Inc (ALTC) was organized in 2000 and was among the first insurance companies established to address the Long Term Care Industry's insurance crisis. It was a bold step made by committed Long Term Care Providers that believed they understood the Long Term Care Industry's unique challenges better than the typical insurance company. These Long Term Care Providers are committed and focused on addressing the immediate and long term challenges of their industry. Actions taken by ALTC over the past 10 years have lead to the Long Term Care Industry having access to a stable insurance program. The ALTC Program is a "quality of care" driven risk management program and a program that vigorously defends that quality of care. The development and introduction of LTC Provider University is the next step in expanding ALTC's role in the insurance and risk management programs of its Long Term Care Providers. I invite you to learn more about ALTC and LTC Provider University.

  • Roger Turenne ALTC Secretary

    Our facilities have long embraced Risk Management as an integral part of providing quality of care to our residents. The Associated Long Term Care Insurance Company (ALTC) has enhanced our knowledge in Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance. ALTC and the new LTC Provider University will further enable us to have greater control of our insurance costs and claims management by making available resources that provide instant regulatory information, on-line staff training, TQI reports and MDS 3.0 management tools. Now, with access to these tremendous resources of LTC Provider University, we will have more resources and time to focus on care to our residents as is the focus of our Turenne & Associates vision statement, "By honoring God and seeking His blessings, we will be quality driven leaders in health care services". We encourage you to experience the amazing benefits of all the resources available through LTC Provider University and join our vision in becoming quality-driven leaders.

  • Richard Brockman JD ALTC Vice President/Assistant Secretary

    LTC Provider University is affiliated with Associated Long Term Care Insurance Company, Inc (ALTC), and is designed to give nursing home [and assisted living] providers easy access to innovative care improving resources. ALTC was established to support long term care operators and professionals in their striving to improve the delivery, quality, and integrity of long term healthcare services and to provide insurance for those rare instances when an error occurs. LTC Provider University will help us adopt better methods of managing, training staff and documenting care through modern technology.

  • David Hunt ALTC Director

    As the most recent addition to the Associated Long Term Care Insurance Company, Inc.(ALTC) Board of Directors I look forward to adding additional insight relating to the risk and insurance concerns of independent single facility operators. I have worked in the Long Term Care Industry for over 26 years and have experienced the impact and challenges that the "traditional insurance" market swings can have on an operator. It is imperative that single facility operators have the availability, affordability, and consistency of a quality liability insurance program. The challenges and exposures of securing a new insurance program every couple of years takes up a significant amount of time and resources that should be used to focus on resident care. The risk management resources offered by ALTC provide an invaluable approach to managing risk and are focused on improving quality of care, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction. ALTC's dedication and focus to the Long Term Care Industry makes me feel comfortable knowing that I have a quality insurance and risk management program run by knowledgeable people within the LongTermCare Industry, and by insurance professionals with in-depth industry knowledge that have specialized in this industry for more than 25 years. I invite you to embrace our marketing slogan "Manage Risk in everything you do" and to contact us regarding our insurance program for LTC operators.

  • Frank Brown ALTC Director

    As an insured of Associated Long Term Care Insurance Company I have been impressed with the quality of the risk management and insurance products and services that I have received. Their team of insurance, risk management, and claims professionals has a significant amount of long term care industry knowledge, provide effective and practical solutions, and let you know that you are purchasing more than an insurance policy…. You are purchasing professional services. The Associated Long Term Care Insurance Program has met or exceeded my expectations and I encourage long term care operators looking for a better solution for their liability insurance program, and looking for an experienced risk management partner, to inquire about the Associated Long Term Care Insurance Program. As an Associated Long Term Care Insurance Company Board Member, I encourage you to explore the quality focused insurance and risk management solutions for quality driven operators.