Long Term Care Provider University and Associated Long Term Care Insurance Company (ALTC) have partnered with Triple Point Industries (www.tpichemical.com) to offer its clients special water treatment options offered by Triple Point Industries.

TRIPLE POINT INDUSTRIES, LLC is an ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 140001-20048 certified company specializing in common and specialty water treatment applications.

Triple Point Industries designs projects for the reclamation and repurposing of process water to ensure our clients receive the most out of their water. Headquartered in Bessemer, Alabama, Triple Point Industries offers a personally tailored experience to meet the needs of every client.

Triple Point Industries, strives to develop long-term working relationships with their clients, believe that through creating such partnerships, they instill trust in all of our customers to remain confident through collaborating with Triple Point Industries toward positive progress.

For more information on how the Triple Point approach can tailor a water program for your facility, please call (888)-899-6557 and ask for the ALTC Client Special and a customer service representative will be glad to assist you. Although not included in the services listed above, all other Triple Point services are available to you by clicking on the following website link (www.tpichemical.com) this will take you to Triple Point Industries main website page so that you can view all other services offered by Triple Point Industries.


Triple Point Industries

Charles Maynard-President

3030 Mountainview Way

Bessemer, AL 35020

Office: 205.328.0808

Toll-Free: 888.899.6557

Fax: 205.436.2979