Disaster Planning Information

  • Date 06.05.2012
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Disaster Planning Information

All long term care providers and operators have an obligation to prepare for potential disasters. Each facility is unique with regard to the types of residents/clients served, geographical location, types of disasters to plan for and proximity to local assistance. Preparation, education, and practice are the keys to a well-managed event involving a catastrophic occurrence that comes with little or no warning.  

We have recently added numerous documents, forms, and guides to assist health care facilities in this planning process. These forms are located behind the "Risk Management Resource Center" door. We remind all facilities that any workable disaster plan must be tailored to the individual facility. It is advised that a committee be formed to develop and analyze all material for the manual, as well as provide regular reviews and updates.  The following documents posted are:

  • Nursing Home Incident Command System (NHICS)
    • Guidebook
    • Incident Management Team
    • Position Crosswalk
    • Quick Guide to Job Responsibilities
    • Incident Briefing & Operational Log
    • Incident Objectives
    • Organization Assignment List
    • Incident Communications Plan
    • Staff Injury Plan
    • Organizational Chart
    • Incident Message Form
    • Facility System Status Report
    • Personnel Time Sheet
    • Volunteer Staff Registration
    • Master Emergency Admit Tracking Form
    • Master Resident Evacuation Tracking Form
    • Procurement Summary Report
    • Resource Accounting Record
    • Facility Resource Directory
    • Master Facility Casualty Fatality Report
    • Resident Evacuation Tracking Form
    • Incident Action Safety Analysis
    • Emergency Water Supply Planning Guide
    • National Criteria for Evacuation Decision - Making in Nursing Homes
    • Caring for Vulnerable Elders During A Disaster - Hurricane Summit

Listed below are links to also assist you in locating additional information that you may require:  



Homeland Security:


American Red Cross Preparedness Fast Facts: http://www.redcross.org/portal/site/en/menuitem.86f46a12f382290517a8f210b80f78a0/?vgnextoid=92d51a53f1c37110VgnVCM1000003481a10aRCRD  

Kentucky All Hazards Long Term Care Planning & Resource Manual: http://www.kahsa.com/Kentucky-All-Hazards-Long-Term-Care-Planning-%26-Resource-Manual-p-373.html  

California Association of Health Facilities - Disaster Preparedness Program: http://www.cahfdisasterprep.com/PreparednessTopics.aspx  

Florida Health Care Association - Emergency Preparedness Tools: http://www.fhca.org/facility_operations/emergency_preparedness_tools/ http://www.fhca.org/emerprep/index.php  

National Nurse Emergency Preparedness Initiative:


Texas Health Care Association-Disaster Preparedness Tools: http://www.txhca.org/disasterpreparedness.htm


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