• Cyber Incident Preparedness for Healthcare

    Monday May 22, 2017

    The healthcare sector saw 310 cyber related incidents in 2016 with 16,100,000 individuals affected by those data breaches. As you know healthcare records have valuable personal information that can be used by cyber criminals in a variety of malicious ways. With access to healthcare information and other personal data, attackers can access healthcare services on behalf of the individual, file fraudulent claims, or use the victim's identity to commit other crimes. The flyer below contains five steps that will help you mitigate your risk of a cyber incident occurring at your facility. Please contact Martha Acker, Gerry Gilbert, or Billy Dodson if you would to learn more about how you can protect your facility from a cyber incident. Martha, Gerry and Billy can be reached at

    Martha Acker -

    phone : 205-414-2640

    email : martha_acker@ajg.com

    Gerry Gilbert -

    phone : 205-414-6184 

    email gerry_gilbert@ajg


    Billy Dodson -

    phone : 205-414-2653 

    email billy_dodson@ajg.com


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