• Workplace Violence

    Tuesday October 18, 2016

    Introduction:  Workplace Violence is the second leading cause of work-site deaths in the United States according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and is one of the most frightening exposures companies face. Such an incident can devastate a company, destroying its bottom line and even threatening it survival. Workplace Violence Expense Insurance will help you prepare for an unthinkable event like this if it should happen at your facility. Here are some of the reasons why your facility should consider buying workplace violence expense insurance:

    ·         The expenses incurred in the aftermath of a workplace violence incident are often staggering and unforeseen

    ·         Unexpected expenses can stem from crisis management, independent security, employee counseling, public relations, medical care for employees, salaries for victim employees and for replacement employees and loss of business income

    ·         Long term care facilities are at an increased risk of workplace violence because they deal with members of the public and operate late at night

    The attachment below contains Chubb Insurance Company's Forefront Portfolio Risk Analyzer which may help you uncover some of the biggest potential threats to your facility's bottom line. Gerry Gilbert in our office can assist you in identifying possible financial exposures your facility might have. Gerry can be reached at 205-414-6184 or by email at gerry_gilbert@ajg.com .

    Click here to download "Workplace Violence Risk Analyzer"



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