• Responding to an OSHA Inspection – Document Production

    Monday January 12, 2015

    In many cases, employers are experienced with the walk around and employee interview aspect of an OSHA Inspection, but are unsure of what documents the compliance officer is entitled to inspect and to request copies. The article in the link below is intended to give guidance in this area.

    Click here for article  - Responding to An OSHA Inspection IV.

    Disclaimer: I would like to emphasize that the discussions, examples and templates set forth above are from an insurance/risk management perspective and is NOT legal advice.  We do not provide legal advice as we are not qualified to do so.  I highly recommend that you seek the advice of legal counsel in order to become fully apprised of the legal implications related to these issues. The information contained herein was obtained from sources which to the best of the writer's knowledge are authentic and reliable.  Arthur J. Gallagher makes no guarantee of results, and assumes no liability in connection with either the information herein contained, or the safety suggestions herein made.  Moreover, it cannot be assumed that every acceptable safety procedure is contained herein, or that abnormal or unusual circumstances may not warrant or require further or additional procedures, resources or advice. 


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