• Running Annual Background Checks on Employees

    Monday December 1, 2014

    Recently, the Gallagher Risk Management Services Claims Department has seen an increase in allegations relating to a facility's negligent hiring, training, and supervision of its employees.  Claims relating to the hiring, training, and supervision of employees are often tied to incidents where an employee of a facility has been accused of abuse / neglect of a resident and terminated.  While there is no requirement to perform intermittent background checks, running a background check once a year for every employee could potentially reduce the likelihood that a facility may be susceptible to a claim of negligent hiring, training, and supervision.  Bullet Screening Services provides comprehensive employment screening services.  Through a partnership with Bullet Screening Services, ALTC's clients are able to purchase discounted special employment screening packages, including a $7.00 per employee charge for a background check.  The investment of performing an annual background check on each employee would be an investment in quality control for residents and possibly reduce the significance of a claim for negligent hiring, training, and supervision. You can learn more about the services that Bullet Screening Services provides tor the Senior Care Industry by going to their website at or calling them at 205-823-5551.

  • Medical Records Release Policy Procedures for Senior Living Facilities

    Tuesday December 2, 2014

    It is the policy of the facility to safeguard the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI) and to protect the resident's right to confidentiality of clinical information by releasing resident information or protected health information (PHI) only to authorized persons/agencies, in compliance with state and federal regulations covering treatment, payment, health care operations and/or other mandatory reporting requirements and in accordance with facility policy. The attached link is a sample Release of Medical Records Policy that may help you and your staff comply with these requirements.          

    Click here for Release of Medical Records Policy sample.

  • Recognizing the Role of Delirium in Preventing Rehospitalization

    Wednesday December 3, 2014

    Delirium will complicate a hospital stay for more than 2.2 million Americans this year, with estimated costs of as much as $8 billion annually. The attached white paper from Relias Learning provides you and your staff with information on how to recognize the role of delirium in preventing Rehospitalization.  

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  • Disaster Management Services Insurance Coverage

    Thursday December 4, 2014

    New insurance coverage for Disaster Management Services is available through Arthur J. Gallagher and underwritten by Lloyds of London. This coverage will respond in the event of a sudden, unforeseen natural disaster or man-made catastrophe which affects five or more lives, results in multiple fatalities and/or injuries, and/or where the company is directly responsible for the population which is directly affected by the event. To learn more about this coverage and how to obtain a quote you can open the article in the link below.

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  • Violent Malicious Acts Insurance Coverage

    Thursday December 4, 2014

    New insurance coverage for Violent Malicious Acts is now available through Arthur J Gallagher and is designed to help you and your facility move forward after a tragedy. Violent Malicious Acts coverage insures the necessary Extended Loss of Revenue and Extra Expense you incur in order to continue the normal conduct of the facility's operations following a Violent Malicious Act. To learn more about this coverage and how to obtain a quote you can open the article in the link below.

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  • Gaps Continue to Exist in Nursing Home Emergency Preparedness and Response During Disasters

    Thursday December 18, 2014

    This study from the Department of Health and Human Services (OIG) found that even though most nursing homes met Federal requirements for written emergency plans and preparedness training there were many gaps in these plans. These emergency plans lacked relevant information, including only about half of their tasks on the CMS checklist. Nursing Homes faced challenges with unreliable transportation contracts, lack of collaboration with local emergency management, and residents that developed health problems. The attachment below contains the entire study from the OIG.

    Nursing Home Disaster Prepardness and Response during Disasters 2007-201.pdf

  • Emerging Environmental Risks in the Healthcare Industry

    Thursday December 18, 2014

    This report was published by Advisen and sponsored by Ace Insurance. Healthcare in the United States is in the midst of unparalleled transformation, driven in large measure by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Many of the environmental exposures of healthcare organizations may fall under core EPA programs or similar state regulations, making it important that healthcare organizations maintain a sharp focus on environmental compliance. Maintaining this focus and identifying emerging environmental exposures while in a period of growth and rapid change will be a continuing challenge for risk managers, compliance officers, and administrators. The attachment below contains the report on these merging environmental risks.


    Advisen Emerging Healthcare Environment Risk WhitePaper.pdf