• Handling Funds Following the Death of a Medicaid Resident

    Thursday November 21, 2013

    Alabama Medicaid Agency - Medicaid Alert

    TO: Nursing Home Providers

    The purpose of this alert is to clarify the procedures associated with handling funds following the death of a Medicaid-eligible nursing home resident. The Medicaid Administrative Codes 560-X-10-.14(3)(f) and 560-X-22-.25(5)(e) and the Social Security Administration Guide for Representative Payees require that nursing homes,upon the death of a resident, release any funds being held at the facility in the resident's name to the administrator of the deceased resident's estate. In the event that there is not a person who has been appointed to act as the administrator of the estate, the funds should be sent to the Alabama State Treasurer's Office, Unclaimed Property Division.  In an effort to ensure that all Alabama nursing home facilities are in compliance with the rules and regulations pertaining to the handling of the funds of deceased residents, the following instructions are provided in the pdf below.

    Handling Funds Following the Death of a Medicaid Resident 

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