• Outbreak of Contagious Disease or Condition Among Assisted Living Residents

    Monday February 27, 2012

    Once an outbreak has been identified, it is important the facility take the appropriate steps to contain it. State, local and county health departments offer guidance and regulations regarding responding to and reporting outbreaks.  This information is often received in advance of an outbreak and included in the infection prevention and control program. Plans for containing outbreaks usually include efforts to prevent further transmission of the infection while considering the need of all residents and staff.

    We suggest that you review the Regulations in Assisted Living and Specialty Care Assisted Livings to ensure Regulatory Compliance. This information can be found in: Alabama Assisted Living Rules and Regulations 420-5-4-.05 Records and Reports andAlabama Specialty Care Assisted Living Rules and Regulations 420-5-20-.05 Records and Reports.

    It is important that all infection prevention and control practice reflect current Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

    Each facility should refer to their specificState:

    • Rules and Regulations; and
    • State and local health departments for reporting guidelines and recommendations.
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