• Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers

    Tuesday August 14, 2012

    INTERACT (Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers) is a quality improvement program that focuses on the management of acute change n resident condition.  The INTERACT program is designed to improve the early identification, assessment, documentation, and communication about changes in the status of residents in skilled nursing facilities.

    The INTERACT goal is to improves care and reduce the frequency of potentially avoidable transfers to the acute hospital. Transfers to the hospital can be emotionally and physically difficult for residents, and result in numerous complications of hospitalization, and they are costly.

    In the plans for health care reform, Medicare may financially reward facilities with lower hospitalization rates for certain conditions. By improving the identification, evaluation, and communication about changes in resident status, some, but not all acute care transfers can be avoided.

    The attached pdf Transitions and Long-Term Care: Reducing Preventable Hospital Readmissions Among Nursing Facility Residents explains what INTERACT is and how to use the quality improvement tool.

    Reducing Preventable Hospital Readmissions Among Nursing Facility Residents 

    TheINTERACT web site; is a free web site for facility use in decreasing acute care transfers. The web site contains information about INTERACT, INTERACT II Tools, Educational Resources, and Links to Other Resources.

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