• Potential Risk Factors Regarding Mechanical Lifts & Slings

    Wednesday August 3, 2011
    Due to a recent event and in an effort to keep our customers informed of risk management issues, we wanted to communicate potential risk factors regarding mechanical lifts and slings.  There are numerous brands of lifts (Hoyer, Invacare, Reliant, EZ-Access, etc.) There are also numerous brands of slings and in most cases, each sling will contain a warning label that states to utilize the sling only with the same brand of lift.  Therefore, please look at your lift program to determine if the appropriate slings are being utilized with the appropriate lifts.  (Note:  Some distributers may sell some slings as universal slings but the warning labels may still have a disclaimer to only utilize with the same brand of lift.)  Also, each lift manufacturer may have their own fit guide to determine how to measure residents for the appropriate size of sling.  Therefore, if your facility has several different brands of lifts then your staff may have to be knowledgeable of the different fit guides to determine the appropriate size of sling.  Also, your staff should be knowledgeable on guidelines to determine what type of sling should be utilized for the resident, i.e. bathing, transfers, etc.  Will your staff be able to answer questions on how to measure residents for the appropriate fit of a sling for each brand?  Will your staff be able to communicate how they assess a resident to determine which type sling is appropriate for the resident?  How will your facility be able to show how you communicate to your staff the correct size sling and type of sling for each resident?
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