• Healthcare Safe Patient Handling

    Thursday March 10, 2022
    With increased financial pressure and an endless cycle of uncertainty as regulations continue to evolve, many healthcare organizations are looking for ways to reduce employee injury costs, improve patient care and the work environment. Changes in healthcare have resulted in more complex care being delivered within the healthcare community.
  • Meeting Staffing Challenges in Difficult Times

    Wednesday January 5, 2022
    The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting significant challenges for many segments of the healthcare industry, including long-term care (LTC) settings such as skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and assisted living facilities (ALFs), which deliver clinical and personal care services. Maintaining appropriate staffing in senior living facilities is essential to providing a safe work environment for healthcare personnel (HCP) and safe resident care.
  • Protecting Your Organization from Cyber Attacks

    Monday September 20, 2021
    Cyber, cloud computing, cookies, anti-virus, ransomware, malware, breach and hacked... the list goes on and on. Cybersecurity is something that many of us have not heard until recently, let alone dealt with. Yet here we are in a cyber-driven world.
  • Dealing with Stress in Senior Living

    Wednesday December 16, 2020
    "Global pandemic," "COVID-19" and "mask" are all familiar terms that have become a part of our daily (and sometimes hourly) conversations with friends, family and colleagues. And, unfortunately, as COVID-19 cases increase and new restrictions are implemented in some areas, your staff may be feeling fear, stress, panic and anxiety. Developing a strategy to adequately address these feelings in the healthcare space can be daunting. Long-term care (LTC) nurses are managing the emotional wellbeing of residents along with their own personal troubles each day. Similarly, members of nursing facility staffs are under immense pressure, not to mention handling situations their profession has never experienced before.
  • Will your COVID-19 documentation protect your facility

    Wednesday May 20, 2020
    Document, document, document - a phrase that is familiar in the senior living industry and many other healthcare arenas. During the COVID-19 pandemic, documentation is critical in order to provide a historical timeline of the facility’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many facilities may be at risk for lawsuits and CMS Infection Control Focused Surveys in the future, and the documentation process for providing a historical timeline of each facility’s individual response is key.