• Facility Requirements to Prevent Legionella Infections

    Wednesday February 14, 2018
    Facility Requirements to Prevent Legionella Infections: Facilities must develop and adhere to policies and procedures that inhibit microbial growth in building water systems that reduce the risk of growth and spread of legionella and other opportunistic pathogens in water.
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  • Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Care Seminar

    Tuesday January 23, 2018
    Take the path to certification as a Certified Dementia Practitioner through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners and International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.
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  • Certified Quality Risk Management Specialist Training

    Friday January 12, 2018
    This is a comprehensive program that allows the student to identify, assess, and prioritize risks in a coordinated effort within the Senior Living environment. Understanding the economics and application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability of unfortunate events while focusing on improvement of systems are vital to facilities in this ever changing world of the Senior Living Industry.
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  • Survey and Certification Group at CMS issues Two Memos November 2017

    Monday December 4, 2017
    On November 24, 2017, the Survey and Certification Group (S&C) at CMS issued two memos that further delay enforcement of provisions of the new requirements but falls short of a complete delay. These memos indicate that CMS is delaying some enforcement provisions of the Phase 2 requirements, but CMS will proceed with implementing the new survey process beginning on November 28.
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  • Is My Staffing Adequate?

    Friday October 27, 2017
    Staffing has become one of the biggest challenges encountered in the senior housing industry. Proper staffing is not only integral to the day-to-day mission and operations of providing quality care to residents, but also crucial to meeting the ever-increasing staffing-targeted regulations.
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