• Risk Manager Certification Training

    Tuesday August 8, 2023
    This is a comprehensive program that allows the student to identify, assess, and prioritize risks in a coordinated effort within the Senior Living environment. Understanding the economics and application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability of unfortunate events while focusing on improvement of systems are vital to facilities in this ever-changing world of the Senior Living Industry.
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  • Healthcare Safe Patient Handling

    Thursday March 10, 2022
    With increased financial pressure and an endless cycle of uncertainty as regulations continue to evolve, many healthcare organizations are looking for ways to reduce employee injury costs, improve patient care and the work environment. Changes in healthcare have resulted in more complex care being delivered within the healthcare community.
  • Meeting Staffing Challenges in Difficult Times

    Wednesday January 5, 2022
    The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting significant challenges for many segments of the healthcare industry, including long-term care (LTC) settings such as skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and assisted living facilities (ALFs), which deliver clinical and personal care services. Maintaining appropriate staffing in senior living facilities is essential to providing a safe work environment for healthcare personnel (HCP) and safe resident care.
  • Protecting Your Organization from Cyber Attacks

    Monday September 20, 2021
    Cyber, cloud computing, cookies, anti-virus, ransomware, malware, breach and hacked... the list goes on and on. Cybersecurity is something that many of us have not heard until recently, let alone dealt with. Yet here we are in a cyber-driven world.