MDS Analysis

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Evidence-based Quality Assurance and Compliance

CareWatch is an internet-based resource that helps improve resident assessment data accuracy and enhance care plans. Using the MDS, it highlights trends within the facility and for each individual resident.

CareWatch features a unique series of clinical watch pages that assists nursing staff with every aspect of the RAI process to: improve MDS data consistency, conduct more thorough assessments, monitor quality, and support continuous improvement plans. This dynamic process prepares facilities for survey, helps obtain correct reimbursement, lowers cost, and enhances resident quality of life.

CareWatch can help your facility:

  • Ensure MDS Integrity and Accuracy
  • Advance Excellence
    • FOCUS-PDCA Resident QI/QMs
  • Actively Manage Reimbursement
  • Strengthen Care Planning
  • Reduce Survey Citations
  • Enhance Resident Care
    • Clinical Watch Pages
    • Resident Alerts
    • Benchmark Reports
    • Process Control Charts

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Web-based Occurrence Reporting and Analysis

RiskWatch is a web-based program for long term care providers which drives evidence based management and continuous improvement.

The RiskWatch process focuses attention on each occurrence to ensure thorough investigation, proper response, and review for every event.

Providers can use the comprehensive information from each occurrence to reduce risk, decrease liability, and improve resident care throughout the facility and the organization as a whole.

RiskWatch can help your facility:

  • Reduce Liability and Identify Potential Risk
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Track Patterns and Trends
  • Prepare for Survey
    • Designed for F-323
  • Improve Resident Quality of Life

Utilized in conjunction with eHealth Data Solutions' trio, CareWatch, RiskWatch, and UBWatch provide a rich source of insight into root cause between clinical conditions, adverse events, remediation, reimbursement, and resident quality of life.

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Manage Revenue with Confidence

Designed specifically to enhance billing processes and increase cash flow for long term care providers.

UBWatch can help your facility:

  • Ensure Correct Reimbursement
  • Evaluate and Improve UB-04 Claims
  • Coordinate Clinical MDS & Financial UB Records
  • Detect Unintended Billing Patterns
  • Minimize Audit Risk

UB Watch detects and reveals unintended billing patterns which can lead to suspended claims, CMS audits, government demand for repayments, False Claim Act issues, under/over billing, and other missed opportunities which may result in lower revenue.

Using a system of logic flags designed specifically for Universal Bills claims, the program methodically reviews each UB prior to submission to the fiscal intermediary and alerts providers to any inconsistencies or potential compliance issues which may delay payment or decrease revenue.

With UB Watch and CareWatch, companies can coordinate clinical MDS and financial UB records, track patterns and trends, and meet both customer and government expectations that services and reimbursement are in balance.