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 Ability Infection Watch document.



ABILITY | RISKWATCH ® Benefits for Your Organization:

Reduce liability and identify potential risk

Prompts to guide capture of all essential information

Identify root causes

Prioritize interventions

Track patterns and trends

Decrease insurance premiums

Increase productivity

Send reports to the team members you specify automatically

Track incidents by type

Strengthen risk management

Improve the entire incident management lifecycle

Respond quickly to survey issues and concerns (designed for F-323)

Streamline investigations

Control reports during discovery

Strengthen your incident management with ABILITY | RISKWATCH. The ABILITY | RISKWATCH process focuses attention on each occurrence to ensure thorough investigation, proper response, and review for every event. You can document incidents such as accidents, pressure ulcers, medication errors, falls, and any others you choose.






ABILITY | UBWATCH ® Benefits for Your Organization:

Submit cleaner claims with "triple-check" process

Create continuity between care required, care provided, and care reimbursed

Locate inconsistent, missing, or inaccurate information in your UB-04 BEFORE submission

Save time by automating the manual, time-consuming UB-04 check

Drive revenue

Discover areas supported by MDS, but missed on a claim

Get paid faster with cleaner claims

Minimize audit risk

Uncover where billing is unsupported by the underlying MDS

Bring exceptions to your attention

Guide performance improvement

Evaluate and improve UB-04 claims

Coordinate clinical MDS and financial UB records

Enhance your billing processes and increase cash flow with ABILITY | UBWATCH!. By detecting and revealing unintended billing patterns, ABILITY | UBWATCH helps you avoid suspended claims, CMS audits, demand for repayments, False Claim Act issues, under/over billing, and other missed opportunities that may result in lower revenue.






ABILITY | CAREWATCH ® PBJ Benefits for Your Organization:

Use a single staging platform

Streamline preparation and validation of your PBJ files from multiple systems prior to transmission to CMS

Accurately check data

Potential errors or inconsistencies in your PBJ files are flagged to ensure accurate submissions; you'll also receive Final File Validation Reports through PBJ Transmission Watch

Quickly correct errors

Efficiently manage corrections and make the necessary payroll changes long before the quarterly deadline

Transmit with confidence

Your PBJ data will be accurate, accessible, on time

Analyze staffing trends

User-friendly reports allow you to identify trends and patterns to help you improve your operation

It's not easy to interpret all of the new Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) rules and definitions and what they really mean for your organization.


ABILITY Carewatch PJB Document