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If a significant event occurs or a claim is made against your facility, our expertise allows us to clearly distinguish ourselves by remaining closely involved from the beginning through resolution. We deliver experience and skill in managing long term care claims. You may rely on us as a partner who understands and aggressively supports your objectives and goals. Our claims management professionals will demonstrate to you the value of your participation in our insurance program throughout what can be a difficult claim management process. It is our "industry specific knowledge" that sets us apart in the complex and challenging environment of Senior LIving claims. Key Items to Consider and Helpful Hints: Call 1-800-239-1327 or 205-414-2698to Report a Claim, Significant Incident, or Medical Record Request.

  1. The best opportunity to affect the outcome of an incident is within the first hours or days after the event occurs. Contact us to help you manage the circumstances.
  2. Claims can be made because of poor or lack of meaningful communication; a perceived indifferent attitude, a failure to listen, or a failure to follow-up with staff, sponsors, or family. Promote proactive and effective communication.
    1. When someone makes an inquiry, complaint or grievance regarding services, be courteous, listen carefully, observe closely, convey empathy, don't admit fault, or speculate as to the cause. Instead, promptly report to the appropriate person to investigate, determine what happened, in order to resolve the matter.
    2. Think Customer Serviceā€¦The actions you take after a customer interaction may prevent litigation or cause litigation!
  3. Do not release any documents requested on a resident before contacting us and in compliance with applicable HIPAA.

Remember: CALL US IMMEDIATELY at 1-800-239-1327 or 205-414-2698if you have:

  • Any lawsuit or verbal or written letter of intent to sue the facility for any alleged breach of care
  • Received an actual copy of the summons and complaint
  • Threats of litigation that relate to the providing of resident care or the failure to provide resident care and which the facility or corporate management have determined that further investigation is needed to evaluate the potential for a claim
  • Call us at any time for Incident Management