Best Practices





What is a Best Practice?

A best practice is any intervention a nursing home has developed which improves residents' lives or living conditions. It can be drawn from any care area of residents' lives, and is directed toward quality of life. Best Practices (BP) fosters cooperative efforts that enhance excellence and innovation in resident care, as well as single facility or multi-facility initiatives that may involve residents and staff as well as the civic, religious and regulatory communities. A BP may involve residents' rights, provision of care or administrative practices which result in improved care. The BP concept is to explore alternative care models which have proven effective for residents in Alabama nursing homes.


LTC Provider University and Associated Long Term Care Insurance Company Inc. would like to thank The Alabama's Best Practices Program, the individuals serving on the Best Practices Steering Committee, the Alabama Nursing Home Association, the Alabama Department of Public Health and each participating facility for their participation and innovative ideas to improve care and the lives of the residents we serve.

These are sample programs and all must be reviewed and changed to meet the needs of each individual facility.  We, LTC Provider University, and affiliates do not specifically recommend any of these programs but we are providing these documents as sample ideas for potential innovative ways to improve resident quality of care and quality of life. Programs should not be implemented without the approval of facility management.